Custom project


Smartselling is the solution for the retail world that uses Iot devices to innovate the customer experience and make sales and production processes more efficient.

By applying a technological retroffitting based on IoT systems to objects of common use in retail (such as labels and hangers) we have activated functions aimed at the customer and the owner such as: mapping products in store, product ID, dynamic and remote management of prices and engagement in proximity of customers.

Training 4.0

The EMS training (muscle electrostimulation) is carried out through a technical suit (wearable device) specific for this activity, integrated with evolutionary electrodes positioned on all major muscle groups, connected to an electronics capable of managing electrical impulses and connected to a monitoring and management software platform.

The suit electrically stimulates the muscles causing their contraction, imitating the action of the central nervous system. These impulses reach the deepest muscle fibers, the most difficult to activate with conventional training. The effect of impulses causes the muscles to work more, more fully, and with less effort than classic physical exercises. Constant monitoring of basic biomedical parameters such as temperature, heartbeat and bio-impedance ensure the safety and quality of the results obtained during the various sessions.

GDO 4.0

GDO (large organized distribution) 4.0 is a solution able to develop a digital interconnection system to create retail 4.0 environments.
Through the use of an IoT infrastructure and devices for the customer, we have created a system capable of innovating and improving the sales process in the retail sector.
This system has produced greater revenues, leaner sales processes and a more customized commercial offer based on the specific needs of the customer.


Matchmaking is a solution that uses devices and wearable in proximity for the collection and smart sharing of data.

Through the potential of the IoT world, the devices match, allowing the sharing of data in real time. this solution adapts and is particularly useful in the events and exhibition sector.
The data processed by the Brainy Hub Iot is shown through a monitoring and analysis dashboard with multilevel and hierarchical access.