Wel è una società che opera nel mondo tecnologico per ottimizzare processi, creare risparmio e generare nuovi modelli di ricavo.


Per raggiungere questi importante traguardi sviluppiamo soluzioni e sistemi basati su IOT&IIOT, Wearable e Blockchain.

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WEL is a technology company that operates in the Technology world, optimizes processes, generates savings and creates new revenue models.


To achieve these important goals, Wel develops solutions and systems based on IoT & IIoT, Wearable and Blockchain technologies.

About us

WEL develops open Hardware B2B in IoT and Wearable to create truly integrated solutions. Thanks to a Visionary and Technological approach, that always points to the “future” direction, WEL analyzes the world 4.0 in order to respond to the needs of the new markets.

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Computer engineers and UI/UX experts dedicated to the development of the IOT platform, the front face for all our systems.


Electronic and telecommunication engineers, industrial designers who study, prototype, engineer and finally create the devices that enable the functionalities of our developed software platforms.

Data Scientist

Finally, mathematicians and analysts analyzing the data generated by our devices and displayed with our platforms with the aim to create new evolutionary models.


The binomial IoT and Blockchain is the only synergy able to guarantee the genuineness and immutability of the data at its origin.

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